First Baptist Church, Cobden IL
Friday, August 14, 2020
200 South Walker St. Cobden, IL 62920
In the interest of being transparent with our church family, government officials, and the public at large, here are our guidelines for reopening:

First Baptist Commitments: 
 - Public spaces will be sanitized before any service.
 - Seating will be reorganized to provide more space.
 - Ushers will handle seating and dismissal.
 - Overflow will be available as needed to maintain social distancing.
 - Areas outside the sanctuary and foyer are considered closed.
 - No nursery available (until otherwise indicated).
 - Offering plates will be placed in foyer for tithe drop off.
 - A limited amount of masks will be available by request.
Expectations for Attendees:  
 - If you are not comfortable attending at this time, feel free to continue virtual attendance.  There is NO shame in not attending until you feel comfortable.  
 - If you are sick or not feeling well, stay at home  
 - If you feel your current health makes you high-risk, we recommend you remain home.  
 - Enter through main doors only, restricting traffic to foyer and main sanctuary.
 - Wait to be seated by ushers.
 - Maintain social distancing (6 Ft.) 
 - Practice good hygiene: cover cough, wash hands well. (Hand sanitizer will be available) 
 - Refrain from personal contact (shaking hands, hugging)  
 - After service refrain from hanging out in the sanctuary and foyer.  
 - Offering can be placed in the plates in the foyer. 
 We look forward to seeing YOU!