First Baptist Church, Cobden IL
Sunday, June 07, 2020
200 South Walker St. Cobden, IL 62920



Dear Church Family, 
     I hope this note finds you walking in Christ and experiencing His joy.  I cannot begin to explain how encouraged I am by the faithfulness of the body of Christ here at First Baptist Church.  You have handled yourselves with God-honoring piety in the midst of a very difficult and confusing time in our generation.  This unprecedented season has brought out the kindness and faithfulness of all.  You have prayed, encouraged, worked on the Family Life Center, build portable media stations, attended on-line services, rallied in the parking lot, and given of your resources without complaint or criticism.  I am grateful and inspired as well to press forward with your same heart.  Thank you!
     We are now facing a new challenge.  While by God's Spirit we have passed the test of "sheltering in place" during the pandemic, we are now faced with the task of coming back together in corporate worship.  We will need God's Spirit for this task as well.  Our challenge is God-given and therefore GOOD!  We have two commands our Lord has given us that are relevant to this season in human history.  The first is the command to love our neighbor as ourselves and the other is to NOT forsake the assembling of ourselves as in the manner of some.  It will be our commitment to these two truths that will lead the way as we pay and plan to come back together.  We need your prayers and we need your input.  Not every idea will be implemented into the path back, but every idea will be considered and every idea will in some way inform the path back.
     We love our God and we love each other, and this too is part of His good providence for us.  Pray, be humble, be kind, and seek God's glory in this coming phase.  
In Christ,
Brother Ed