First Baptist Church, Cobden IL
Sunday, October 21, 2018
200 South Walker St. Cobden, IL 62920


Dear Church Family,


     May this letter find you growing in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was encouraged last night to hear brother Danny preach on the text and topic of true worship from John 4. In the context (this mountain or Jerusalem) of cooperate worship Jesus made a distinction between worship and true worship, even to distinguish “worshippers” from “true worshippers”. Danny reminded us that the “hour” wherein we are truly worshipping is defined by spirit and truth. Corporate worshipping in spirit is certainly done from the heart and not just an outward expression of “duty” as we were reminded. Corporate worship in truth is simply defined as worship prescribed from God’s word. It is worship informed from the scripture that possess the power to transform our hearts for God’s glory. As a matter of fact, Jesus said in John 17:17, (Father) sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.      According to Jesus our lives will undergo the great work of sanctification as we are transformed through private devotion and corporate worship according to THE TRUTH. So, what has the truth of God’s word called us to look like in corporate worship EVERY Lord’s day. Number 1- Public reading of the word. (Check) Number 2-Corporate prayer and confession. (Check) Number 3 – Whole counsel preaching of the Scriptures. (Check) Number 4-Corporate giving. (Check) Number 5- Singing PSALMS and spiritual songs to God from the Scriptures. (Check) Number 6-Participating with God and one another in the sacraments/ordinances. (Check) Number 7-And all things done in order with reference. (Check). What I really appreciated was the distinction that was made between the difference in Christian entertainment and corporate worship in spirit and truth. Christian entertainment can have its place (possibly) in other parts of our lives, however it must not be imported into the corporate worship prescription that God has embedded in His word.      Churches having noticed the popularity of the Christian entertainment movement in the culture have sought to make it their model for corporate Lord’s day worship. And while they have packed their blacklit, smoke filled pews by cool guitar licks and comedic therapists for preachers, they’ve at the same time abandoned the means whereby “true worshippers” are sanctified; THY TRUTH. Maybe that’s why the concert driven, feel good seeking, bless me if you can, don’t dare correct me from the scripture, church hopper finds him or herself constantly in and out the doors of this church and that church because their heart will not be sustained by spirit filled truth. Help us Lord to love you and to desire your loving sanctification through THE TRUTH. 


Pastor Ed